'Siva and Avalokitezvara

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>  The basic "flavours" of Siva and Avalokitesvara
>  are totally different.  I already pointed out
>  some such differences in my previous posting.
>  If I were to characterize these two deities
>  in terms of their main rasas (moods), I would
>  come up with:
>       Siva:   raudra (furious), vira (heroic),
>               bhayanaka (frightening), adbhuta (marvellous),
>               sringara (erotic), hasya (funny),
>               shanta (peaceful)
>       Avalokitesvara:  karuna (compassionate),
>                        adbhuta (marvellous), shanta (peaceful)

While ziva in his multivalent aspects may represent more than avalokitezvara,
I believe the syncretism that developed may have had the dakSiNAmurti form as
its zaivite component. In the book "Dakshinamurti (Agamam & Silpam)" IInd
Part, p.133, S. Narayanaswamy says, "The great Sankaracharya, among several
other celebrities, have sung the Praise of this aspect of Siva, which is as
remarkable for its peacefulness as the Nrittamurti is for joyfulness."

S. Palaniappan

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