Laxmi & Saraswati

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 14 19:58:57 UTC 1998

Kalidasa`s epic heroines, princesses have pets -
does or peacocks. Would this be some thing like that.

May be Kumaragupta shows that Laxmi (or Sarasvati?)
protects him. Kumara Karthikeya has peacock as the

N. Ganesan

What is the relationship between Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and
Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge in Indian mythology? Secondly,
is there any mention of association of Laxmi with peacock, the
vehicle of Saraswati?

I have an ancient gold coin minted by great Gupta emperor, Kumargupta
which depicts a goddess feeding a peacock. All the gupta emperors
minted coins showing Laxmi sitting on lotus. But this coin seems
to be totally different from rest of them. I have a feeling that perhaps
Kumargupta tried to mint coins showing Saraswati instead Laxmi
which many of the scholars simply considering `Laxmi feeding

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