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*Concering the Karandavyuha
*This important text -- transitional between Mahayana and early *Tantra,
and concerned chiefly with Avalokitesvara.

 Is it at the fountainhead of Buddhist Tantra literature,
because Avalokitesvara's important mantra - Om maNi padme hUm -
is explained there. maNi refers to linga of 'Saivism and
padma is yoni (A. Francke, The meaning of Om maNi padme hUm
formula, JRAS, 1915, 0. 397-404.)

 Does the many Indus civilization seals showing bulls, the way
bulls are portrayed have anything to do with later linga worship?
The male power of bulls is shown in Indus seals,
bull baiting is portrayed there with a complete absence
of cows in Indus seals. Nandin becomes the vaahana of
'Siva in later Hinduism. On the other side, cow symbolism
permeates Vedic texts with near absence of bulls.
Any work on Indus religion?

N. Ganesan

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