On a bit of Internet satire

Artur Karp hart at POLBOX.COM
Sat Dec 5 17:35:10 UTC 1998

At 08:46 5.12.98 -0500, Bijoy Misra wrote:
>Ved Acharya's material is like communist textbooks in
>Hungary.  It's not worth examining the motive or
>give it any credence.  All lies have their natural deaths.
>One should probably make political protests in UP
>against fabrication and miseducation
>People in politics can be dogmatic and we can't do
>much to change it.  Creationist theories are taught
>in some schools in US, and we just do not have the
>energy to challenge it.  It's local..

Let's not be too serious about it.

After several years spent in India (teaching in one of the central
universities there), I believe I can recognize the Indian students' way of
making fun of what they think are puffed up authorities - and of exploding
what they think are pompous views.

I suspect - no, I'll bet anything that - the message posted by Ved Acharya
to Usenet (if it were posted there at all) is nothing else but a viciously
puerile hoax. [Cf. the phrase "purportedly of Ved Acharya" used by Bapa Rao
in his posting of 4.12.98.]

And there is nothing better than Internet to challenge the currently hot
issues by publicizing them in a form that reduces them ad absurdum. In
order, one may suspect, to elicit from those in the positions of authority
(political/religious) more studied and balanced opinions.


Artur Karp
University of Warsaw

P.S. Who is the real Veda Acharya?

P.S.2 What is the place of satire and humor in Indian literary tradition?
The oldest examples?

A. K.

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