Kashmir 'Saivism

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Dec 5 14:23:05 UTC 1998

*An eye-witness just recently told me how in a
*public lecture Lakshman Joo of Kashmir told some
*female devotees of his that they were ugly because
*they were Americans, and they were delighted.

  Reading Lakshman Joo's books. Is he one of the
  only few 'Saivaites of Kashmir?

  Always wondering why Kashmir 'Saivism attracts
  so much Weatern academic interest? Enjoying
  many publications. It is good, then we can compare
  these materials to Southern 'Saivism.

  As I read on Kashmir 'Saivism, its texts are
  only from 9th century onwards. Tamil 'Saivaite
  texts are from 5th century onwards (Karaikkaal
  Ammai whose sculptures first start under the
  feet of NatarAja in South East Asia first, then
  only in Tamil South in granite and bronze).
  NatarAja is never mentined in Kashmir Saivaite texts.
  Tamil material must be 50 times abundant on
  'Saivism compared to Kashmir Saivism. Does K. 'Saivam
  have impact from Buddhism too?

  In Tantraloka, Abhinavagupta talks of ideas getting into
  Kashmir from kumarikaadviipa (Tamil South).

  Are there any references on the relations, commonalities,
  contrasts between Kashmir and Southern 'Saivisms?

  I look for a monograph in the future where three
  scholars of religion, one who has studied 'saivaagamas,
  one who who has studied Tamil 'Saivaite texts
  and agamas, and a scholar on Kashmir 'Saivism
  collaborate and write.

  BTW, what is the opinion on Alain Danielou,
  While the Gods play? This emphasizes on
  Dravidianness of 'Saivism.

  N. Ganesan

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