[ADMINISTRATION] "Aryan and Non-Aryan" and "Vicious Debate"

George Cronk george9252 at MSN.COM
Sat Dec 5 21:44:55 UTC 1998


I think you are right to stop this discussion now.  It has gone on too long
& has gotten out of hand.

You refer to the Indology archive.  How does one access that?

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From: Dominik Wujastyk <ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK>
Date: Saturday, December 05, 1998 7:45 AM
Subject: [ADMINISTRATION] "Aryan and Non-Aryan" and "Vicious Debate"

>I should like to thank the participants in this debate for their interest,
>but I think we should draw a firm line at this point and stop this
>discussion thread, since the exchanges have become somewhat heated, and it
>seems to me that the factual content of each of the participant's views
>has been adequately represented.
>Members can easily examine the various points of view in the debate using
>the INDOLOGY archive.  This also gives access to previous occasions when
>the same debate has been conducted.
>I am hoping soon to be able to add a position paper from Ed Bryant to the
>INDOLOGY web site, and I hope that paper will place on record some of the
>main debating points on this subject, so that we are spared the need to
>rehearse them repeatedly on the discussion list.
>I really do mean to stop this discussion at this point.  Any further
>postings on this topic will attract possible cancellation of your INDOLOGY
>Thank you once again,
>Dominik Wujastyk

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