SV: Against Aryan Invasions

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Samar Abbas wrote:

>   You have questioned the relevance of my repost of Ved Acharya's article.
> Ved Acharya's views are NOW BEING TAUGHT IN INDIAN SCHOOLS. Yes,
> - "Homer and Shakespeare copied Sanskrit classics" is now taught in UP
>    schools, and forms part of the syllabus
> - "Germans and Anglo-Saxons are emigrants from the Indus Valley." is also
>    taught to kids.
> - "Out-of-Africa is wrong, the Aryans evolved in India" is also taught.
> - "Dravidian and Indo-European languages are derived from Sanskrit" are
>    also taught.
>   These were recently introduced into the syllabi of UP schools, and an
> attempt is being made to introduce these teachings into all Indian
> textbooks.

Dear Samar Abbas,

As I take an interest in these things, I would be very grateful for any
bibliographic data that you (or anybody else) have/has on the UP textbooks.

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse

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