[Announcement] New Devanagari-editor (fwd)

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Sat Dec 5 08:20:35 UTC 1998

Peter Haunert is offering a brand new Devanagari/transliteration editing
program which he has written.  There is a free test version, and the
registration price is moderate.  Here are details.

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Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 16:58:53 -0500
From: Peter Haunert <PHaunert at compuserve.com>
Subject: Devanagari-editor

[...] A new editor for Devanagari and transliteration running under
Windows 3.1 and higher that is called "Devakey".

I have worked hard to make my program DEVAKEY bug-free and user-friendly
and I think it´s good enough now to give it a first look. What I am just
now working on is the possibility of editing the keyboard-layout through a
comfortable user menu. That will be available soon.  It is already easy to
change the keyboard by editing an ASCII-file.  This functionality makes it
possible to use Devakey in any country ­ even in Japan, etc. I hope.
Anyway the software creates all the ligatures, etc., so you don´t have to
memorize any finger-acrobatics.

I have set up a Website for "Devakey" where you can download a fully
functional version (only you cannot save texts without registering). 

I offer the program to all Indology-members for 125 DM (= 70 US$).  
If several copies are ordered or if someone finds the price too high,
because he is from India or a low-income country, etc. then other prices
may be negotiated. 

If you like the version you downloaded, it can be made complete by
entering a registration-number.  Also free updates are available from the
website, a sample-text to see the font, and you can have a online-look at
the manual, to see how easy "Devakey" is to use. Also you will find a
detailed description of the features of Devakey 

	­ you can write in transliteration or in Nagari, 
	- you can switch between the two, 
	- you can import and export files in different formats. 

Some problems are still with the Itrans-format, but CSX import and CSXplus
export work well. And I´m waiting for the new 7bit standard for email to
get finalized.

The Internet-address of "Devakey" is 


I would like to invite everyone from Indology to test "Devakey" and to give
some input for further developement.

Kind regards,       Peter

Peter Haunert 
phaunert at altavista.net 
from Berlin, Germany

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