Aryan and Non-Aryan

Samar Abbas abbas at IOPB.RES.IN
Fri Dec 4 21:02:00 UTC 1998

 There is no reason to suppose that caste was based on profession at any
time in ancient India. Caste arose whenever members of one race conquered
members of a different race. The different castes in India can still be
distinguished as to when they entered India. Thus, Ahirs are Avars,
Thakurs are Tokharians, Jats are Getae and the Rajputs are all Indo-Scyth.
Each now forms a separate caste. Moreover, the Sudras are the Negroid
inhaitants of India who were subjected to the lowest caste. A caste
systems have arisen in the southern US, etc. I have given more replies

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Ashish Chandra wrote:
> N. Ganesan wrote :
> Social reformers in the South have been calling for reforms within
> Hinduism. That is, Priesthood and Sankaracharyaship should become available
> for any Hindu, not for a particular group determined just by birth. For
> Hinduism to become modern, the only qualifications  to be a priest or a
> Sankaracharya, must be 1) be a Hindu

Hindu is taken as a synonym for Aryan nowadays.

> and 2) be proficient in Samskrit and
> few more Indian languages.

 But the texts of the Dravidian Shaivite religion are in Dravidian

    What you suggest goes against the sacred Aryan Hindu
scriptures, which forbid a non-Aryan from doing these things.

> I could not agree more. In fact, one should take process a step further and
> base the interpretation of caste purely as our scriptures define them, i.e.
> not by birth but intellectual/physical inclinations.

 Show me one person who has changed his caste. The fact is, it is racial
in basis.

> There is no need for
> people like Mulayam Singh Yadav to be considered a backward caste just as a
> so-called forward caste can't be one just by being born into one of the
> Traivarnikas.

The scriptures state that only Aryans can belong to the three varnas or
colours. This was meant to prevent racial mixing, and is advocated by
eugenicists today.

> A Brahmin engaged in trade is not a Brahmin anymore and
> should not consider himself as such.

But he is still an Arya. A negroid Sudra obviously cannot become and
Aryan, whether in India or in the US South.

> Of course, this process will take
> decades if not centuries but it is an ideal well chosen and based on our
> own scriptures.

Then you are talking about some `new' religion. It is not Aryan Vaishnava
Orthodoxy, which is as strong as ever.

> Ashish


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