Aryan and Non-Aryan

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*According to KRSNa in Bhagavad-gItA 4.13:

*cAtur-varNyaM mayA sRSTaM

*The four castes (cAtur-varNyaM) were created by Me, according to
*quality (guNa) and activity (karma).

*Race and birth are not mentioned.

   Generally, karma is not translated as activity.
   It is a loaded term in Indic tradition. Another
   example is dharma.

   For your quote below, Well, Bhagavatam was written
   in the Tamil South. Many Indian and Western professors
   assure me that Bhagavatham is just Tamil Srivaishnava
   literature written in Samskrit. Pl. read Alvar paasurams
   in Tamil or the book, viraha bhakti in English along with
   Bhagavatham to know what I am hinting.

   N. Ganesan

Furthermore, the sage, NArada, states in the BhAgavata PurANa 7.11.35:

yasya yal lakSaNaM proktaM
puMso varNAbhivyanjakam
yad anyatrApi dRSyeta
tat tenaiva vinirdiZet

"If one shows the symptoms of being a brAhmaNa, kSatriya, vaiZya or
ZUdra [varNa]. . . even if he has appeared in a different class
he should be accepted according to those symptoms of classification."

I hope these references shed some light on the discussion.

Chris Beetle

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