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It's a horrible summary.
"ved acharya"s only know their view.
We should keep away..

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Samar Abbas wrote:

>  Re. the recent debate on Aryan invasions, I think this is a good summary
> of the points that are raised against the idea. It was posted by
> Ved Acharya to Usenet.
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>    Author:   Ved Acharya
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>                       AGAINST ARYAN INVASIONS
>  The fallacious concept of Aryan Invasions is now wholly discarded by the
> most sacred acharyas and sannyasis. These august persons have declared
> that the Aryan invasion was a theory proposed by the crafty British who
> wished to divide and rule. We have amassed a wealth of evidence in their
> favour:
> 1. HORSE BONES - The horse bones found in the Indus cities were wrongly
> claimed to belong to Aryan invaders. Instead they could equally well have
> been due to large scale ashvamedhas (horse-sacrifices) by the pious Vedic
> Aryans. Charred horse bones substantiate this view.
> 2. FRACTURED SKULLS - The fractured skulls that the biased Europeans said
> were those of Dravidians slaughtered by invading Aryans were in fact the bones
> of pious volunteers sacrificed during purushamedhas (Vedic human
> sacrifices).
> 3. THICH ASH LAYERS - The mischievious Europeans proposed that the thick
> ash layers found in the Indus cities were due to Aryans burning down the
> Dravidian Indus cities. In fact these could have well been the ashes of
> the pious Vedic Aryan ladies performing sati and jauhar. Some fragments of
> charred bones substantiate this fact, and many bangles have been found in
> the IVC.
> 4. FALL OF THE INDUS - The Europeans have always claimed that the Indus
> Valley civilization was destroyed by the nomad Ayrans. In fact, it was
> destroyed by the Dravidians who invaded from the sea, and the Muslims, who
> invaded from the north. Europeans have always tried to portray Islam as
> a young religion, when in fact Abraham and all the Jews and Christians
> were in fact Muslim. So Muslims existed in the centuries BC, and the
> concept of Muslims having destroyed the Indus is confirmed by the numerous
> temples (like the Rama mandir at Ayodhya ) being destroyed by Muslims.
> References to Yavana invasions in the sacred Poorans also confirm this
> fact.
> 5. SUDROID RACE - The Imperialist scholars tried to propagate the notion
> of the Sudroid race to divide the Hindus. These were supposed to be the
> black aboriginals enslaved by the Aryans. This is all falsehood, as will
> be shown point-by point below:
>   - The sage Vivekanada has declared that this theory is false. So how can
>     it be right ?
>   - Some Dravida chauvinists claim that Dravidian is older than Sanskrit.
>     These are deluded, since these languages have no independant history;
>     they are merely degraded forms of Sanskrit. The recent `purification'
>     of Tamil by the removal of Sanskrit words is merely delusion spread by
>     the Europeans. Both shall be reborn as cockroaches in their next life.
>   - Moreover, the sacred Poorans declare that the Dravidians are
>     degraded Kshatriyas, and so they are the Aryans. The Sudras were
>     created from the foot of Brahma. Since this could have happened when
>     Brahma stood in a puddle of mud, the Sudras became black.
>     Unfortunately the Europeans do not accept the Vedas as anthropological
>     texts, and so the holy Panditas have given anthropological revelations
>     to convince the European mlecchas (barbarians).
>     Thus, the Sudras stayed in the sun, and so got black skin.
>     They took to eating pan leaf, so they developed thick lips.
>     They were employed as hunters, and so they
>     had to develop broad noses to smell better. Thus the concept of a
>     Sudra race is wrong.
> SUDROID NEGROES - Another concept propagated by the African nationalists
> is the concept of the Sudras being Negroes, who built up the Indus Valley
> civilization. These Sudric Negroes were then enslaved by the white Aryans,
> just as Bantu Negroes were enslaved by the Anglo-Saxons. They do not
> realize that they are all Indian, and are hence all Aryans. The
> Sudras became the Sudanese, and the Gonds became the Kongos (whence Congo
> river). Thus the Negroes are all Indian, just as the Anglo-Saxons are.
> As shown above
> the Sudroids degraded from Aryans, and these Sudroids then invaded Africa,
> giving rise to the Negroes. This is proven by the fact that the genetic
> differences between Aryan and non-Aryan are very small.
> EVOLUTION - The theory of evolution of man from monkeys as proposed by
> Darwin is completely false. The acharyas have declared that the notion of
> holy Brahmanas being descended from monkeys was merely proposed to cast a
> slur on the Brahmans and to insult Hinduism. When the sacred revealed
> scriptures of Vedas and Mahabharat declare that the Brahmanas were created
> from the head of Brahma, how can anything else be true? But Darwin's false
> theory was jumped upon by the European scholars to prove their Aryan
> invasion theory.
> OUT OF AFRICA - The African nationalists have propagated the false notion
> of all humans having come out of Africa. This was seized upon by the
> propagators of the Aryan invasion theory, who claimed that since the
> Aryans evolved from Negroes of Africa, they could not have originated in
> India, and must have invaded from Africa. This sinister conspiracy has now
> gained wide acceptance by anthropologists.
> Another fiction spread by the Christian scholars is that the Vedas date to
> 1500 BC. This was because they could not comprehend any date before 3000
> BC, when the Bible says the world was created by God in 7 days. So when
> they read of dates and eras millions of years old, they dismissed it as
> nonsense. But now it is accepted that the world existed before 3000 BC. In
> fact, the Vedas are millions of years old, having been in existence from
> the time of creation of the world itself in the yugas.
>  Another lie propagated by the Europeans is that the Germans were the
> purest Aryans. This is evidently not so, since they speak a highly
> degraded form of Sanskrit and not the original pure devabhasha. Moreover
> the Aryans in India have black hair, which due to snow falling on it
> became bleached in the north. So they are not the original Aryans.
>  Another myth propagated by the Europeans is that Shiva was a Dravidian
> god. They cite the occurrence of obscene sculptures in the walls of
> temples as evidence that Shiva and many other ascpects of Hinduism were of
> Dravidian origin. This has been shown to be false, and the sculptures were
> made for the entertainment of the European visitors; hippies who came to
> India in 100 BC. They are obviously not for the Aryans, who would never
> tolerated such things in their sacred shrines. The discovery of some nude
> mother-goddess figurines is also cited as evidence that the Indus people
> were the aboriginals. In fact these were imported by the European hippies,
> who brought their obscene sculptures to India. These hippies were the
> Greeks, who brought their obscene Priapus cult (whence the phallic nature
> of Shiva worship) and other vulgarities that corrupted the Aryans. As
> evidence such sculptures are only found after the Greeks invasded India,
> introducing decadent Western culture and proto-AIDS (ancient venereal
> diseases) that killed the Aryas.
>  The Europeans have indulged in hero-worship of the Greeks (Homer etc.)
> and Latin poets. They have also eulogized Shakespeare as `the greatest
> writer of all times'. These are all bogus claims, since it has been shown
> that these works were in fact renditions of original Sanskrit texts. All
> these langauges, Greek, Latin and English, are merely degraded forms of
> Sanskrit. Also, their literature is almost wholly copies of Sanskrit
> originals. Tnus, Aesop copied the Ocean of Story, Shakespeare copied the
> Pancatantra etc. The Trojan War is only a local re-enactment of the
> Mahabharat War. So these are merely the degraded Aryas. When the holy
> SIndhu river dried up in 1500 BC, they migrated to different parts of the
> world, preserving only faint memories of their origins.
> So it is evident that the Arya invasion theory is wrong.

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