Vicious Debate

Wed Dec 2 14:58:22 UTC 1998

>Robert Zydenbos wrote:
>>This 'debate' (why do I place quotation marks? because it is too
>amateuristic, dirty and vicious to be considered a true debate) has
>been on this list before,
Please, look up the Spring/Summer98 issue of JIES to know what
viciousness is.
It is ok to label people and attribute motives to Indian scholars
.....but it becomes vicious to oppose existing dogma ?

On an IE homeland...etc
You obviously havent read what Denis Sinor has to say on
this whole Indo-European concept. The least that is expected is that
people should first make the effort to read up on the current ideas.
I suggest that you please look it  up  "The Bronze Age and Early Iron
age peoples of Eastern Central Asia" volumes.

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