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On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
> The best evidence is still the linguistic (and cultural) data.
> The value of archaeology (if any at all) is quite subsidiary.
Quite a provocative statement...  wonder how many linguists feel
the same way?  Nice to see at least one person with a firm

I suppose I asked for it... Let me be more precise: In the context of Indo-European studies, archaeology has less value that previously assumed when it comes to tracking the movements of Indo-Europeans. Please read Winfred P. Lehmann, Theoretical Bases of Indo-European Linguistics, Routledge, 1993. In the last part of the book, Lehmann deals with the homeland problem and the archaeological theories that have been developed for the Indo-European incursion into Western Europe. As I stated before, it is difficult, if not impossible, to link language, ethnicity, and artifacts in a convincing manner. This of course does not mean that it cannot be done in other cases. Sometimes it can, sometimes it can't. 

[ donning linguistic resistant flame suit ]

This is too good to resist :-) In the not too distant past (month
or so ago?) there was a very brief and interesting discussion about
Dominique Thillaud's name and gender.  Somebody posted a message
(one might add, a message with a linguistic slant) for the reason
why Dominique's name (a man by his own admission) was mistaken
for a woman's name.

Just out of idle curiousity, I am wondering...  If linguistic
interpretation is so great that a mistake like this can be made
about a living person's name, wonder how good it is for predicting
what happened thousands of years ago?

You are perfectly right! Linguistics make mistakes, and spend a lot of time telling each other so. But then, isn't this the case with most lines of scholarly business?

[ ducking and running for cover... ]

Don't worry, I am a mildmannered person, of a kind and gentle disposition.

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