The word ciciirSu from padmaprAbhRtaka

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at MATH.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Thu Aug 27 16:24:28 UTC 1998

I am reading Manmohan Ghosh's edition of the There are a
few things there about the use of `grammarians' forms' that I find

In Padmapraabh.rtaka, Dattakala"sin, described as a grammarian, says
``kva ... ki.m'' Ghosh translates
`' as `intending to go', as if it is from `car'. But I can
find no indication that `car' takes samprasaarana in any context, nor
is there a variant c.r for car. In spite of the claim to be a critical
edition, the notes refer only to readings of other editions. I am not
sure if the form `' is a joke on Dattakala"sin's pretensions
or if it a scribal error/typo for something else ( is also puzzling. As far as I can see, only the regular is given in grammar books (if this form is specifically


A somewhat tangential question, brought on by the mention of Kaatantra
in Padma. in this context and the well-known legend on the composition
of Kaatantra: Does Kaatantra permit the use of imperative with the
prohibitive particle maa?


thanks in advance for any help.

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