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Heard that Chinese folktales telling that
Hsuan-tsang took Potalaka from South India and deposited it
in Western China. I am curious to find where this is narrated.
In the Journey to the West, the return back  travel is very
short and no mention of Potalaka during the return journey.

Could this taking of Potalaka occur in any of the follow-ups
on the Journey to the West? Does any ofthe Xiyou bu (supplement to
the Westward journey), Hou Xiyou ji (Later record of the
Westward journey), Xu Xiuou ji (Sequel to the Westward journey)
speak of the carrying of Potalaka? Do the follow ups
of the Westward journey exist in English translation?

Your help is deeply appreciated. I will be grateful
if this message is posted in Chinese literaturem, Buddhism,
Religion in East Asia, China lists. Since I'm not a member
in those lists, any answers can be forwarded to
naga_ganesan at

Many thanks.

N. Ganesan


David Kherdian (translator) Monkey: A journey to the West,
Shambala, 1992 has  Kuan-yin (Avalokitezvara) coming from
Potalaka of the Southern ocean to help the Monk
and Monkey goes to Potalaka once.

"Monkey peered at her with his fiery eyes.'Of course I
recognize you. You are the All-compassionate, All-merciful
Bodhisattva Kuan-yin from the Potalaka mountain of the Southern
Ocean. Thank mercy you've come all the way to see me".

p. 139
"Monkey turned and somersaulted off into his loud and in less than
a half hour he came in sight of the Southern Ocan and saw Mount
Potalaka rise up before him".


Hsuan Tsang wrote in the 7th century of Potalaka
"In the south of the Mo-lo-ku-t'a (malakuuTa) country,
near the sea was the Mo-la-ya (malaya) mountain, with lofty cliffs
and ridges and deep valleys and gullies, on which were sandal,
camphor and other trees. To the east of this is the Pu-a-la-ka
(Potalaka) mountain  with steep narrow paths over its cliffs
and gorges in irregular fashion" (Th. Watters, 1905)

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