Kanakadhaaraastotram verse

Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at UNICE.FR
Wed Aug 12 04:35:42 UTC 1998

A compound with iSTa could be "the One who is desired as field" but I don't
know any other such compound. Perhaps a mistake for kRSISTha "best of the
fields", comparatives can be formed from nouns, like brahmiSTha (and
Homeric basileuteros "better king", basileutatos "best of the king").
In both cases the meaning could be "in You, I would like to grow".
Not sure. Trying to help,

>Could someone please help me understand the derivation
>and meaning of k.r.sii.s.ta in the following verse.
>Thank you.
>i.s.taavi"si.s.tamatayo.api yayaa dayaardra-
>d.r.s.tyaa trivi.s.tapapada.m sulabha.m labhante|
>d.r.s.ti.h prah.r.s.takamalodaradiiptiri.s.taa.m
>pu.s.ti.m k.r.sii.s.ta mama pu.skaravi.s.taraayaa.h| 9||
>9. By which Eye moist with compassion, even those
>with minds not possessed of desires obtain a suitable
>place in the three worlds,
>that Eye of the One seated on a lotus,
>whose beauty delights the lotus-naveled One,
><k.r.sii.s.ta?> my desired wealth.
>Girish Sharma
>San Diego, CA
>girish at mushika.wanet.com

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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