Aryan migration archive?

Fri Aug 7 20:14:52 UTC 1998

Dr. R. J. Zydenbos wrote:
>Is there already an INDOLOGY archive available of the recent "Aryan
>migration" debate? I've noticed that Hindutva people are trying to
>get their foot into other Internet forums too,[...]

Ask them to use any search engine for the word Indology.
All postings are stored from 1990 in Indology discussion archive.
Let them see for themselves.

But the problem is HindutvavAdins also know all this.
Especially the book writers, many of them are from South,
do not like to hear from the West that Sanskrit entered
India, that too after the peaks of IVC had been reached.
This upsets many things socially!

They keep on rehashing the same things -
Missionary motives of Max Mueller, one clay figurine
is a horse for them. People say it might be a donkey
or onager!

Can the Missionaries come back alive and apologize
for fixing the date of the Veda or that Dravidian
is not a derivative of Sanskrit?

Just wondering,
N. Ganesan

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