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Fri Aug 7 01:28:23 UTC 1998

Nupam Mahajan writes:

>I have a gold coin from southern India possibly minted in 11th to 13th
century AD by a Telugu-Choda chief (called themselves Bhujababala) who
most likely was feaudatory of W. Chalukyas. On the coin one can read the
old Telugu-Kanarese inscription  which reads "Bhairava". I have two

2. What is meaning/s of word Bhairava apart from being name of Lord

The word Bhairava can mean "formidable", "frightening" and is given as a
synonym of viSNu by Monier Williams. Since you have refered to viSNu's
presence already in the coin, this may be an epithet for viSNu
(I'm no numismatist, but am just guessing).

   I however read something very interesting in your section on South
Indian coins( for which you certainly deserve a chorus of
congratulations). While detailing the exploits of kr*SNadevarAya, you
mention that he constructed the "hazara" temple. Are you refering to
the hazara rAmasvAmi temple in Warangal? As I remember it, this temple
is older and dates back to the days of the kAkatIya dynasty. I am
requesting you for details about the "hazAra temple". May I also ask you
for information about the importance of vizAkhapaTnam in the exploits of
kr*SNadevarAya? AFAIK, the town was insignificant until the days of the
East India company which saw the advantages of the
harbor here. ( Throught out the 16th and 17th centuries, vizAkhapaTnam
was simply regarded as a part of the Asifnagar province which was
headquartered near Behrampur and was just the midway point between the
Asifnagar and Murtazanagar( headquartered in Rajamundry) provinces.


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