Fortunatov's Law and tolkAppiyar's rules

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at MATH.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Sun Aug 2 11:46:41 UTC 1998

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal <mcv at WXS.NL> wrote:
> c^ => s^
>    => c => s
>         => T => s
>              => t

Doesn't PIE *k't become s^t in Avestan (and OP?). In the above
development, we will need a special treatment for that.

> I don't see what else it could have been: it's "sh" in Balto-Slavic
> too.  I see the Iranian developments as:

Beekes, in his recent paper (JIES) on historical phonology of
Iranian suggests that ruki-s was .s to begin with.

In the past, the there was a strong prejudice that retroflex sounds
could not occur in `real IE', and people attempted to restrict it
to Indic. Old habits die hard.

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