[Re: Horses in India and Mesopotamia]

Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Sat Aug 1 00:00:24 UTC 1998

You may like to view some Mesopotamian (Ur, Tell Agrab) and IVC (Chanhudaro)
images of the carts/war-chariots and an overview of Gordon Childe) at
There are parallels in the use of non-spoked wheels, wheels moving with the
axle and the yoke and pole fixed to the frame. Of course, onagers were used...
Regards, K.

[snip]>how could it be that there is no one pictorial> representation of a
chariot (we know that the chariot, its concept, its image > played a central
role in Vedic religion)? As for the date "1800 BC and after" -
> have not many representations of horses been found at Pirak? Have not
various > metal items of horse's harness been found on mass scale in the early
Megalithic > burials? [snip]> Chariots in the Veda. Leiden, 1983, Chapter
VI).[snip]>Yaroslav Vassilkov

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