Telugu history

Wed Apr 29 16:51:54 UTC 1998

I was under the impression:
> The reason for excessive use of Sanskrit words in Telugu,
> a Dravidian language, when compared to Tamil, is that all the Hindu
> arts and Sanskrit pundits took refuge in Telugu Desam.
> Especially during the Muslim rule of the North
> and in Vijayanahgar kingdoms.
> That had the effect of increase in number of Sanskrit words
> used in Telugu, neglecting "acca telugu" words (original Telugu).

Uday Reddy, reddy at wrote back:
+Well, actually, I think the Muslim rule in the North helped the
+Dravidian languages, in that the pressure of Sanskrit eased.  (It also
+helped the North Indian languages the same way.)  Almost all the big
+kingdoms before 1000 AD, Satavahana, Chalukya and Rashtrakuta promoted
+Sanskrit or Prakrit.  There was NO patronage for Telugu.  (Kannada
+fared a little better somehow.)  But after 1000 AD, things changed and
+Telugu developed enormously.  Basically, there was no Sanskrit
+imperialism after the Muslims came into India.

Uday is a native Telugu from AP.

Any thoughts?

N. Ganesan

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