canon of "Saiva Siddhaanta

Thu Apr 23 14:20:00 UTC 1998

Dear Dr. Goodall,

V. Subramaniam (Prof. of Sanskrit, author of buddhist-hindu
interactions from sakyamuni to sankaracharya, mother goddess and other
goddesses, buddhism: dance and drama ...) informed me that
Karaikkal Ammaiyar's description of Nataraja predate Sanskrit
songs on Siva as the Dancer. K. Ammai has two decads describing
vividly the burial ground, gaNas, ghosts, Siva dancing.

Is this correct?

N. Ganesan

I can check Sivaramamurti's books on Nataraja, the recent D. Smith's on
Chidambaram, and S. R. B. Natarajan's Tillai and Nataraja.

There is a short & sweet saying on Tevaram Trinity.

Siva has declared:
    campantan tannaip paaTinaan;
    appan     ennaip  paaTinaan;
    cuntaran  peNNaip paaTinaan.

Siva said:
    Sambandhar sang about himself;  (1)
    Appar sang about Me;            (2)
    Sundarar sang about woman.      (3)

(1) This refers to the Child Saint's commandments & declarations
that this will happen. Often, Sambandhar is confidant about
what he says. Also, Sambandhar is fond of describing the
landscape, fauna, flora of the village/town he is visiting.
As a child, he is attracted to flowers and birds.
His descriptions of Nature are unequalled later.

(2) Appar, the elder saint has philosophical musings.
He describes Siva and his legends more.

(3) Sundarar marries twice, cheats on his first wife,
loses eyesight, pleads for wealth, etc.,

N. Ganesan

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