Jan Brzezinski janbrz at MICROTEC.NET
Sat Apr 18 17:25:05 UTC 1998

Dear scholars,

In doing some translation of 16th century Bengali material, I am encountering the use of the term mudra as a unit of money. Occasionally, the word is prefixed with raupya- or rupaka-. The term mohar is used to indicate a larger unit of money, gold coins. Smaller units are measured in terms of cowries (kaRi).

I find it silly translationg that someone's income was 800,000 coins a year. Is rupees a valid term for that time and period? Was the Bengali word TAkA (<TaGka, TaGkaka) used at that time? (Not in the sources I am using, at least)

Can anybody briefly enlighten me on the use of terms for units of money in east India at this time and their relative values?

Thank you very much.

Jan Brzezinski

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