Aryan Invasion theory disproved??

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Thanks for all your replies regarding the question about the Harappan

S. Krishna Wrote:
> Aaaah, Harsha! I really appreciate your very lucid and frank style of
> writing...true, the guy is a bloke and a joke( a fairly poor one at
> that) and there has been a lot of discussion stored  in  the INDOLOGY
> list archives about the Indus valley civilization and I suggest that you
> go take a look at it...

Thanks, I'll check it out.

>   The guy you refered to as "claiming to be a prof" is REAL( reply to
> the question above:-); I believe that the choice can be reduced to just
> two people, Subhash Kak of Louisiana State University or S.Kalyanaraman
> who runs his own "loser's laboratory" in Madras. The first used to write
> on this list a looooong time ago until he was chased out, the
> second(Kalyanaraman) is not only present on this net(YES,ON INDOLOGY
> LIST)but also going strong...What is even more interesting is that this
> "Don Quixote" has also ended up with an assistant, "SAncho Panza" who

I can tell you are a skecptic too, but I have to admit that the
professer(s) whichever one they were, made some valid points about the
theory (still looking for the page!) Though it might not be correct to say
that the Aryan Invasions are false, there are holes in the theory as
pointed out by the author of the page.

> also goes by S.N.Subrahmanya. The reason why I'm telling you all this is
> that the later has a tendency for getting fairly unpleasant and then
> indulging in ad-hominiem, your posting may invoke the wrath
> of both the "professor" and his cyber-asst and you may be the recipient
> of unpleasant, take care and watch out:-)

Disclaimer :^) - I mean no insult whatsoever to the above mentioned (and I
didn't call him/them a "loser")

Sudheer Birodkar wrote:
> Welcome to the Indlogy List. I have visited your page on the Indian
> Army (Thal Sena). Good Job.

I'm glad you liked it. One of the reasons I've subscribed to this list is
that I will soon be adding (hopefully large) section about the armies of
ancient India. I'll check out your page later today.

> The AIT is not my area of specialzation. But I believe that the Aryans
> did come from outside India. The Rig Veda talks about derstuction of
> cities (one of the it called Hari-yu-piya - Harrappa?). In Tamil Nadu,
> I am told,  there is a festival comemorating the "Ayyannars". In this
> festival huge wodden horses are created. This may be a recollection of
> the coming of the Horse-riding Aryans. The word "Ayyannar", I presume
> connotes Aryans

Just one question, (actually two) how did the name for the city "Harappa"
come about? And if the Aryan's really pushed the original inhabitants of
India back to what is now south India (as the AIT states), why whould there
be a festival comemmerating the arrival of raiders? I believe I've wasted
enough of everyones time now,

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