Aryan Invasion theory disproved??

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Thu Apr 23 06:08:55 UTC 1998

Dear Harshavardhan,

Welcome to the Indology List. I have visited your page on the Indian
Army (Thal Sena). Good Job.

The AIT is not my area of specialzation. But I believe that the Aryans
did come from outside India. The Rig Veda talks about derstuction of
cities (one of the it called Hari-yu-piya - Harrappa?). In Tamil Nadu,
I am told,  there is a festival comemorating the "Ayyannars". In this
festival huge wodden horses are created. This may be a recollection of
the coming of the Horse-riding Aryans. The word "Ayyannar", I presume
connotes Aryans.

This apart, I do not have much on the AIT to tell you, but I have
received critical feedback on my pages where I have refered to the
Aryans as having come from outside India.

As I am basically a student of the history of Science & Technolgy in
Ancient India and of Sociology, it does not matter from where the
Aryans really came, or if they originated in India. But with some
folks, this is an emotional point.

I feel that Indians are a mix of various strains, as is true for
people all over the globe.

Sudheer Birodkar

---Harshavardhan Vedak <vedak at GLOBALNET.CO.UK> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to this mailing list and not an expert in Indology in any
> I am just a student interested in the research being done today in
> field.
> I heard from a website (I'm sorry, but I forgot the address, I'll
send it
> at a later date when I re-find it) made by this one bloke, Indian,
> claimed he was a professor in the field of Indology. His website was
> how he is trying to disprove the Aryan invasion theory based on
> and recent archeological excavations in the Kutch area of Gujrat. He
> claims that in a Harappan city (he christened it "Dwarka") that was
> uncovered there he has discovered evidence based on pottery, horse
> skeletons, etc.. that the Aryan invasion theory is something
conjured up
> by (no offence) Western European based scientists of the 19th
century. He
> states that Indian civilization and culture has directly descended
from the
> Harappan civilization and for every point that the Aryan invasion
> gives, he gives a counterexample. For instance, he says he has proof
> the Ashokan pillar script comes from the Harappan script. He gives a
lot of
> other reasons that sound convincing to one who hasn't been educated
in this
> field.
> As you can tell, I am skeptical. Is this guy for real? Do the points
> makes have any evidence to back it up? I would appreciate anyone's
> Thanks.
> Oh yes, I'll try to find that website again (I accessed it last year
> sometime).
> Best Regards,
> -Harshavardhan Vedak
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> Jai Hind!!

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