Nehru Museum Contact Information Requested

DK Printworld dkprint at 4MIS.COM
Wed Apr 22 16:23:32 UTC 1998

Dear Dr. Burton
I provide below information about  Mr. A. K. Awasthi

Sh. A. K. Awasthi
Reprographic Deptt.
Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
Theen Murti House
New Delhi
Phone: 301 6350
Fax: 301 5333
 They don't have email at present.

Adrian Burton wrote:
> Indologists,
> [Yet] another request for contact information, this time concerning:
> Mr A K Awasthi,
> Reprographic Centre,
> Nehru Museum in New Delhi
> I am looking for a mailing address, a telephone number, an e-mail address....
> merci d'avance,
> Adrian Burton

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