SOAS Contact information requested

Adrian Burton adrian.burton at ANU.EDU.AU
Tue Apr 21 01:17:52 UTC 1998

At  7:34 AM 20/4/98 -0700, Jan Brzezinski wrote:
>You might try Prof. J.C.Wright, at cw3 at

Thanks, I will try  that.

> It may be preferable to communicate directly with the VRI. I am extremely
>sorry that I don't
>have the exact address or the name of the director, but I imagine that a
>letter written to the
>director, VRI, Vrindavan, Mathura, UP should reach its destination.

Thank you, but I have just been to the VRI a couple of months ago, and they
are not holding the material I was looking for.
        Industrial unrest was still affecting operations when I was there
in December-January, but at least the library was opening.  The director's
position had not been filled by then, but there was to be a series of
meetings of the trustees and managers in January to try and sort things
out.  After the death of Gupta-ji the whole place was in the doldrums
waiting for something to happen.


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