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Adrian Burton wrote:
> Thank you to the continental Europeans for all the information on
> Professor Dr. Monika Boehm-Tettelbach.
> Would our non-continental Europeans have any information on the second half
> of my request, that is to say, information about:
> "2) Someone from SOAS who knows something about the microfilming of temple
> records from Brindavan?
> I am looking for a name, a telephone number, mailing address, and/ or an
> e-mail address....."
> Or maybe just the e-mail address of anyone at the Indian Studies section of
> SOAS?  I tried their web-page but there are no staff addresses.
> Adrian Burton

Dear Dr. Burton,

I understand that Prof. J. C. Wright of SOAS has done some extensive
work on Vrinaban Temple Documents. I don't know his e-mail address but
you may perhaps contact him at fax no. 071- 436 3844.
With regards,

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