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Margo von Romberg wrote:

>My interest is caused by my study of yoga, particularly Patanjali's Yoga
>Sutras and Swatmarama's Hatha Yoga Pradipika.  (My copies of these have
>devanaagari script, Roman transliteration and translation)  I have bought
>Coulson's Teach Yourself Sanskrit, but it looks heavy going for a complete
>beginner, even one familiar with Classical Greek.  I have downloaded
>Charles Wikner's "Sanskrit Introductory" and am working through it.  I find
>it extremely helpful, particularly for getting to grips with the
>devanaagari script.  However, I can see that when I have finished working
>through Wikner, Coulson will still be rather difficult to work on
>(especially since my time at present is pretty limited).  Following
>Wikner's advice on further reading I have ordered Hart's Rapid Sanskrit
>Method and look forward to receiving it.
>Now my questions:
>1) Are there any fairly easy texts that I can work on in conjunction with
>Hart, either in printed form or available on the Internet?

I don't know anything you could use in conjunction with Hart, but in
addition to what you have already found, I would make the following suggestions:

You may find the following book useful: Walter Harding Maurer, "The Sanskrit
Language. An Introductory Grammar and Reader", Curzon Press 1995.

It contains a number of graded reading exercises that are fairly simple. The
only weakness is that the exercises have not been translated. You may still
find it useful.

You could furthermore read the prose sections of the Mahabharata in
connection with van Buitenen's translation: Mbh I.3.1ff; 3.190ff. These
texts are easy. Lanman's reader contains a number of fairly easy texts with
comments. The selections from the Hitopadesha are good for beginners. You
might want a copy of a the translation.

The major upanishads have been translated by Patrick Olivelle recently. You
could read the Skt. text in conjunction with his translation. Upanishadic
language is not too difficult.

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