A question about Urdu poetry

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 18 03:07:46 UTC 1998

Dear List Members,

I would like to know if Urdu poetry has the equivalents of the various
"alamkAra" in samskrt and samskrt derived languages i.e yamaka,
prAsa, atizayokti etc. I know there are verses in urdu that clearly
are examples of the alamkaras given in the previous line but am not sure
if they technically are classified as such in Urdu.

  In case the classifications exist, I would like to know as to where
Urdu has adopted the classification from i.e. is it from the samskrtic
source or is it from farsi.(I'm assuming that farsi has some such
classification that would parallel the samskrt alamkAra).

 Any pointers, hints will be deeply appreciated.


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