arcangelo alicin at TESEO.IT
Fri Apr 17 08:10:10 UTC 1998

I am a student of philosophy at the Univeristy of Bari, Italy.
I am working at my graduation thesis in History of Science. I would like to
carry out an historical research into the approach that western medicine
have had in this century with the therapeutic potentialities of Hata Yoga
(especially Iyengar method).
I am looking for a bibliography about the relations between Hata Yoga and
the Medicine, from the medical point of view. I also need general
references to doctors who have set up again their therapeutic work through
comparison with Hata yoga.
As I study philosophy, I am especially interested in the paradigmatic
changes that belong to the comparison of medicine with hata Yoga; I am
interested as well in social implications, as for example the teaching
programs of Iyengar Yoga in the U.K. at school (this is a known matter, but
I have not been able to find any material about it).
I have made inquiries about that but unfortunately they have not been
I hope you will suggest me a bibliography or further information about
Thank you very much,

Arcangelo Licinio
via gentile 55-e
70126 Bari

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