Phoneme /q/ in Kohistani Shina

Richard Salomon rsalomon at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Mon Apr 13 16:05:07 UTC 1998

It strikes me that two of the Kh. Shina words with /q/ cited by you are
frog words; Turner (CDIAL #9746), re ma.n.dUka- (presumably source
of Kh. Shina ma'noqu) refers to "many aberrant
forms in NIA...due to taboo".  Perhaps this is relevant.  Note
also that 'thooNqar',
'a species of frog' is the only word listed by you with /q/ in medial

R. Salomon

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Ruth Laila Schmidt wrote:

> Dear members of the list,
> Can anyone suggest where to look for sources for the following vocabulary
> items which contain the phoneme /q/ in Kohistani Shina?
> 'thooNqar, a species of frog (falling tone on the long vowel)
> qur'luu, a children's game  (no data for tones)
> quuNj, 'stack of firewood' (falling tone on the vowel)
> ba'Raq, 'shining'
> pa'Raq, 'sudden laughter'
> My data includes many loanwords with /q/ (originally from Arabic) and
> indigenous words with /q/. The two that are definitely of IA origin are:
> qaa, 'crow' (falling tone on the vowel)
> ma'noq, 'frog'
> I am hoping to assign the five mystery items to one category or another.
> With thanks, and best holiday wishes,
> Ruth Schmidt
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