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Marianna Kropf wrote:
>- One question I wish to answer: how far can we find references to a
>kind of worship of navagraha in the ancient textual sources as it is
>practiced nowadays? Do these references allow to say something on the
>beginning of a tradition where the planetary deities are referred to as
>(secondary) deities?
>Any hints are welcome.

A couple of years ago I wrote a paper on navagraha worship
in Sanskrit texts under the tilte:
`Planet Worship in the {\em Y\={a}j\~navalkyasm\d{r}ti}'.
Unfortunately this papers is still waiting for publication.
For your reference, I just cut and paste here a table of contents
of my paper and titles of Sanskrit texts which I used (in LaTeX format).
If you need further information I will write to you privately.

I hope the paper is published in a year.

Michio YANO, Kyoto Sangyo University
yanom at (for private mails)

---------- Table of Contents of M.Yano's forthcoming paper ------
\section{Graha as Seizer}
\section{Grahas as Heavenly Bodies}
        \subsection{Vedic texts}
        \subsection{Svarbh\={a}nu as an eclipse demon}
        \subsection{R\={a}hu and Ketu as grahas}
        \subsection{The oldest reference to planets}
        \subsection{Nine grahas without fixed order of reference}
        \subsection{Week day order of grahas}
\section{Texts on Grahayaj\~na}
\subsection{The Grahayaj\~na section of the G\d{r}hyas\={u}tras}
\section{The Graha\'s\={a}nti of the Y\={a}j\~navalkyasm\d{r}ti\/}
\subsection{The date of the Y\=aj\~navalkyasm\d{r}ti}
\subsection{Contents of YS 1.295--308}

Abbreviations of Sanskrit Texts used:

AgniP: {\em Agnipur\={a}\d{n}a}
AV(P): {\em Atharvaveda}, Paippal\=ada recension, digitalized by M.Witzel.
AV(S): {\em Atharvaveda}, \'Saunaka recension
AVP: {\em Atharvaveda-pari\'si\d{s}\d{t}ta}, ed.\,by G.M.\,Bolling and J.\,
von Negelein, Leipzig 1909.
\=AgnivGS: {\em \=Agnive\'syag\d{r}hyas\=utra}
\=A\'svGP: {\em \=A\'sval\={a}yanag\d{r}hyapari\'si\d{s}\d{t}a},
(Bibliotheca Indica ed.)
\=A\'svGSB: {\em \=A\'sval\={a}yanag\d{r}hyas\=utrabh\={a}\d{s}ya},
(Adyar Lib.\,ed.\,Appendix)
BY: {\em B\d{r}hady\={a}tr\={a}}, ed.\,by D.\,Pingree, Government of Tamil Nadu
BaudhGSS: {\em Baudh\={a}yanag\d{r}hya\'se\d{s}as\=utra}
BaudhDS: {\em Baudh\={a}yana\-dharma\-s\={u}tra}
BhavPU: {\em Bhavi\d{s}yapur\={a}\d{n}a-Uttara}
GP:{\em Garu\d{d}apur\={a}\d{n}a}
HGSS: {\em Hira\d{n}iyake\'sig\d{r}hya\'se\d{s}as\=utra}
JGS: {\em Jaiminig\d{r}hyas\=utra}
K\=athS: {\em K\={a}thakasa\d{m}kara\d{n}a}
Mbh: {\em Mah\={a}bh\={a}rata}
MGS: {\em M\={a}navag\d{r}hyas\=utra}
MP: {\em Matsyapur\={a}\d{n}a}
NM: {\em N\={\i}lamatapur\={a}\d{n}a}
PadmaP: {\em Padmapur\={a}\d{n}a}
RV: {\em \d{R}gvedasa\d{m}hit\={a}}
\'S\=antiK: {\em \'S\={a}ntikalpa}
VD: {\em Vi\d{s}\d{n}udharmottarapur\={a}\d{n}a}
VGS: {\em Vaikh\={a}nasa\-g\d{r}hya\-s\={u}tra}
VYJ: {\em V\d{r}ddhayavanaj\={a}taka\/}, ed. by D.\,Pingree,
Gaekward Oriental Series, Nos.\,162 and 163 (1976).
YJ: {\em Yavanaj\=ataka}, ed.\,by D.\,Pingree, Harvard Oriental Series
No.\,48, 2 vols.\,1987
YS: {\em Y\={a}j\~navalkyasm\d{r}ti}
YY: {\em Yogay\=atr\=a}, ed. by Ramacandra Jha, Darbanga 1986.

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