navagraha worshipped as deities

Wed Apr 8 00:54:10 UTC 1998

At 03:44 PM 4/7/98 PDT, S.Krishna wrote:

>Even in the kamalAmba
>navAvarNa kr*ti( which is most certainly Dikshitar's) this kind of
>vibhakti change  does take place,(in the Ahiri kr*ti) the difference
>being that everything from prathamA to sambOdhana prathamA gets covered
>in this kr*ti( as opposed to a single change in "zrI zukra

There is a prakriya called sArvavibhaktikam in sanskrit literature
in which all the vibhaktis are used in the same piece. In telugu
there is a sizable body of such writings called udAharaNa
vAJmayam. Dikshitar is obviously following this tradition in Ahiri

>  I remember reading some place that Dikshitar composed this krti
>in the raga Paraju, which was foriegn to Carnatic music in order to
>bring out the "foriegn" status of zukra i.e. he was a deva who was
>advising the dAnavas. IF one were to accept this argument, it is also
>possible that he came up with this sudden switch to the dvitiyA vibhakti
>and back ( a grammatical peculiarity)in order to illustrate
>the peculiar situation in which zukra had been placed. From what I
>remember of the story of yayAti,( not sure though) there was a situation
>where zukra tried to approach the devas but was forced to go back to the
>danavas.It may have been possible that dikshitar was trying to
>illustrate this attempted change of status through this
>quick change of vibhakti.

This is interesting.
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