navagraha worshipped as deities

Srinivasan Pichumani srini at ENGIN.UMICH.EDU
Tue Apr 7 16:50:05 UTC 1998

        >Muthusvaami Dikshitar and his relatives -
        >Annasvami Dikshitar, Balusvami Dikshitar,
        >Subbarama Dikshitar, Ambi Shastri,...

        Not Annasvami but Chinnasami Dikshitar. I do not know whether Ambi
        Dikshitar is also called Ambi Sastri. His real name Muddusvami
        Dikshitar named after his composer ancestor.

Ambi S'AstrI was a different person... he was also
a composer... his kritis in Sanskrit have been preserved
with text and notation on palm leaf manuscripts in the
Saraswati Mahal Library at Tanjore.  They were published
in book form a while ago.


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