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But why we have to read this? Why you tell the
whole world your thougths? Do you not have a

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>Dear list members
>After some thought I wanted to cook up other
possibilities re: the word AryA
>in RGVeda, instead of taking one position that we
all know for ages.
>AryA was the preferred tribe, but remarks were
found in which AryAs were also
>hated.  To say 'Vedic Aryans' is like saying
'Scientific Americans'.  Afterall
>everybody knows science now, including India
which missed Industrial
>revolution but caught up in just 50 years despite
undermanagement. US is
>technology leader because it leads in number of
patents issued/pending.
>Veda may be the 'in thing' in ancient days like
Java is today.  I can not
>imagine that Aryans monopolized this knowledge
and left all other tribes
>living at that time behind them despite
Vivekananda.  A literature as vast as
>hundreds of thousands words of poetry and prose
(not including other ancillary
>literature which is at least 10 times the size of
Vedas) can not be a small
>task.  Such a vast knowledge can not be handled
safely by just one tribe.  If
>any other tribe massacres them it is all lost.  A
number of tribes fighting
>among themselves occassionally, were maintaining
it.  So AryAs and dAsyus,
>dAsAs (are dAsAs different from dAsyus?),
possibly many other tribes who hated
>both of them, and even asurAs all had the Vedic
knowledge.  Even purANAs say
>rAvaNA was a Vedic scholar.  AryAs may be leaders
like US.
>Later some 'secular' civilization like classical
Hindus had compiled all that
>literature belonging to opposing tribes and
preserved the different views.
>If we accept the historical validity of AryAs
then we must also assume
>responsibility to identify other tribes mentioned
in RGVeda.  Ignoring other
>tribes is pick and choose interpretation.
>I have decided to work on the possibility that
AryAs &c are not any historical
>tribe at all, but just a part of Vedic symbolism.
>Another possibility is that AryAs &c may be real
historic people, but authors
>of Veda used the names of some existing tribes to
compose their theology.
>Is there any other ancient literature outside of
India that mentions AryAs?
>Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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