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Mon Apr 6 08:51:30 UTC 1998

Dear list members

After some thought I wanted to cook up other possibilities re: the word AryA
in RGVeda, instead of taking one position that we all know for ages.

AryA was the preferred tribe, but remarks were found in which AryAs were also
hated.  To say 'Vedic Aryans' is like saying 'Scientific Americans'.  Afterall
everybody knows science now, including India which missed Industrial
revolution but caught up in just 50 years despite undermanagement. US is
technology leader because it leads in number of patents issued/pending.

Veda may be the 'in thing' in ancient days like Java is today.  I can not
imagine that Aryans monopolized this knowledge and left all other tribes
living at that time behind them despite Vivekananda.  A literature as vast as
hundreds of thousands words of poetry and prose (not including other ancillary
literature which is at least 10 times the size of Vedas) can not be a small
task.  Such a vast knowledge can not be handled safely by just one tribe.  If
any other tribe massacres them it is all lost.  A number of tribes fighting
among themselves occassionally, were maintaining it.  So AryAs and dAsyus,
dAsAs (are dAsAs different from dAsyus?), possibly many other tribes who hated
both of them, and even asurAs all had the Vedic knowledge.  Even purANAs say
rAvaNA was a Vedic scholar.  AryAs may be leaders like US.

Later some 'secular' civilization like classical Hindus had compiled all that
literature belonging to opposing tribes and preserved the different views.

If we accept the historical validity of AryAs then we must also assume
responsibility to identify other tribes mentioned in RGVeda.  Ignoring other
tribes is pick and choose interpretation.

I have decided to work on the possibility that AryAs &c are not any historical
tribe at all, but just a part of Vedic symbolism.

Another possibility is that AryAs &c may be real historic people, but authors
of Veda used the names of some existing tribes to compose their theology.

Is there any other ancient literature outside of India that mentions AryAs?

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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