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Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at UNICE.FR
Thu Apr 2 07:12:26 UTC 1998

Erik Seldeslachts wrote:
>It is difficult to see how this can be taken as a proof of a pre-Aryan
>culture being followed by Aryans without cities but living among ruins. It
>is just an
>indication of population shifts caused by major geological shifts, nothing

        Why "geological" ? I can understand why the Aryans are excluded by
you: "that's the other theory". But why not God's wrath, or anything else ?
        Almost all rivers of plains change their course along their history
without destroying civilizations! To my knowledge, countries such
Bangla-Desh suffer each year major geological disasters but survive.
        Strong climatic changes occur in Mesopotamia but it seems that
Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Arabians play a greater role in the
cultural changes of the country ...

        Like England, France, Italia, China, &c., India was invaded many
times. Just judging by this list, the last invader succeeded to impose his
language, at least in the elite. But it would be difficult to show the
archeological remains of the destructions caused by him. And not because he
was peaceful!

        I understand well why a theory showing the Indus Valley
civilization (eventually "Dravidian") destroyed by invaders (eventually
"Aryan") don't is today a "politically correct" one. But the arguments
against it are poor (most of them "in absentia") and highly suspect to be
justified by non-historical motives.
        We have some simple facts:
        - Indus Valley civilization disappears, just leaving ruins.
        - subsequent dwellers of the country speak a language strongly
related to a great lot of languages spoken out of this country.
        - the same dwellers have ancient text talking about destruction of
        - We've never found a "Dravidian" corpse with an "Aryan" spade in
the breast.
        - We've never found prooves of incendy in the ruins.
        - The Dravidian tradition don't knows stories about his own
        - The Aryans living today in India are very peaceful.

        My choice is easy. I recall that I don't prefer Hindi-speakers to
Tamil-speakers, nor the contrary.
        I respect both,

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Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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