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Erik Seldeslachts erik.seldeslachts at RUG.AC.BE
Thu Apr 2 07:29:28 UTC 1998

Dominique.Thillaud wrote:
> Erik Seldeslachts wrote:
> >It is difficult to see how this can be taken as a proof of a pre-Aryan
> >urbanised
> >culture being followed by Aryans without cities but living among ruins. It
> >is just an
> >indication of population shifts caused by major geological shifts, nothing
> >more.
>         Why "geological" ? I can understand why the Aryans are excluded by
> you: "that's the other theory". But why not God's wrath, or anything else ?
>         Almost all rivers of plains change their course along their history
> without destroying civilizations! To my knowledge, countries such
> Bangla-Desh suffer each year major geological disasters but survive.

This is precisely what I wanted to say: Indian culture did survive in spite of
local geological disasters or more general geological changes inducing local or
more extensive population shifts.

Erik Seldeslachts
Universiteit Gent
Gent, Belgium

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