Horses in Megaliths

Thu Apr 2 14:41:19 UTC 1998

There are about 10 references I have about the HORSES in
megalithic burials. Thanks to Prof. Y. V. Vassilkov's comment
to look for them. This is only a skimming of titles. There are many reports
titled as "Excavation: Place X"; "Megalithic Complex: Place X (Year Y)";
etc., which can be searched inside.

Prof. Gregory Possehl, Univ. of Pennsylvania, informed me
that there are horses and horse trappings in megalithic burials
and Ms. Praveena Gullapalli is working with him on this topic.
Prof. Possehl said they will send a bibliography.

I will post what I have next week. I also contacted Prof. K. Rajan,
Dept. of Archaeology, Tamil univ., Thanjavur. He got his Ph.D from
Dr. S. R. Rao. Dr. K. Rajan has worked extensively for the last 15 years
on Tamil Nadu megaliths. See K. Rajan, Archaeology of Tamil Nadu
(Kongu country), Noida: Books India 1994 . There are 72 pages full
of pictures from megaliths. When I get replies from K. Rajan, R. Nagaswamy,
or F. C. Southworth, I will post.

The 'horse-centered' Aryan texts, classical Tamil sangam texts,
sculptures from historical period (eg., Sanchi), the huge terracota horses
that potters make (prehistoric?) show horses increase manyfold
compared to IVC.

Further, Indian megalithic horse culture may be analogous to Greek
situation of texts vs. archaeology like what Dr. Thillaud says.

N. Ganesan

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