Emacs + devanagari

Toru Tomabechi Toru.Tomabechi at ORIENT.UNIL.CH
Mon Sep 29 12:33:18 UTC 1997

Some additional information on Emacs 20 + Devanagari:

The implementor of Emacs 20 Devanagari support, Mr. Taichi KAWABATA,
told me that comments / bug reports from users are welcome and he is
happy to integrate new features proposed by users in his
implementation. Mr. Kawabata can be reached at:

    kawabata at exa.onlab.ntt.co.jp

Please note, however, that Mr. Kawabata is not responsible for the
global implementation of Emacs, other than its Devangari support. If
you have non-devanagari specific questions about Emacs, the following
mailing-lists may be your place to ask:

    mule at etl.go.jp (in English, charset=us-ascii)


    mule-jp at etl.go.jp (in Japanese, charset=iso-2022-jp).

To subscribe, send an e-mail to:

    mule-request at etl.go.jp

with its contents:

SUBSCRIBE <mailing-list> <your name>

If you subscribe to mule-jp at etl.go.jp, you will automatically receive
the messages from mule at etl.go.jp too.

Toru Tomabechi
University of Lausanne

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