Emacs + devanagari

Toru Tomabechi Toru.Tomabechi at ORIENT.UNIL.CH
Sun Sep 28 13:50:49 UTC 1997

Dominik Wujastyk <ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK> wrote:

> In case you have missed the announcement, I am informed that there is a
> new version of Emacs (v 20.2).  It now has international language support
> built in as a standard. It supports Devanagari and a lot of other Asian
> languages and scripts.
> Dominik

The Devanagari implementation on Emacs 20.2 still has some bugs in
treatment of avagraha and vocalic r. The implementor privately
informed me that this will be fixed in the next release (i.e.,
ver. 20.3).  It seems that the patch to fix this problem has already
been sent to Richard Stallman, the maintainer of GNU Emacs.

As the re-installation process of Emacs is a somewhat tedious task, it
would be better to wait the next version.

(I myself am the implementor of the Tibetan language support on GNU
Emacs 20. I will be glad if the users send me comments about my
Tibetan implementation.)

Toru Tomabechi
University of Lausanne

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