[Off topic Q] A reference of Levi-Strauss

Nobumi Iyanaga n-iyanag at PPP.BEKKOAME.OR.JP
Fri Sep 26 06:57:44 UTC 1997


As my subject line says it, this is an off topic query for a reference of
Levi-Strauss: if my memory serves me, I think I have read in some work of
Levi-Strauss (probably in one volume of his "Mythologiques", perhaps in the
introduction of "L'Homme nu"...??) a sentence in which he says something

"The earth of the myths is round" ("La terre des mythes est ronde").

Could anyone of the list members be so kind as to give me the exact
reference of this passage (in French edition, with the page reference) [a
private email would be appreciated].

Thank you very much in advance!
And I am sorry for disturbing the list with this off topic query.

Best regards,

Nobumi Iyanaga

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