Downloading diacritic Roman fonts for Indian Languages

Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan Palaniappa at AOL.COM
Fri Sep 26 04:42:34 UTC 1997

Thanks for all those who gave some tips in helping to install the Times-CSX
fonts. For the benefit of anybody else who may engage in a similar effort,
let me say what I have learnt. I have Windows 95, AOL with Internet Explorer
browser, and MS Word. In this configuration, downloading the fonts through
'FTP' is the way to go. After it is downloaded, and unzipped, one has to map
the keys to the diacritic font characters. This is done by first selecting
the font from within the Word window and then  using the Insert Symbol menu.
The symbol menu will not show the Times-CSX font name. It will just say
'(normal font)'. Then one has to assign one's favorite key combinations as

After I was able to successfully inspect the fonts, I found that there was no
character for Tamil 'R' which is different from the vocalic R of Sanskrit.
So, I decided to use the same approach to the TimesIndian font, George Hart
had sent me long back, but I had no idea how to install it in a PC. (Before
that I had used the TimesIndian font for Mac,which did not have all these
complications. If I remember right, Hart said that he was not sure if the PC
font would work without somebody writing printer drivers for it.) To my
delight, I found that the approach I learnt for Times-CSX worked fine for
TimesIndian. As a result, I now have a working TimesIndian font which
includes Tamil 'R'.


S. Palaniappan

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