Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at UMICH.EDU
Fri Sep 19 18:27:52 UTC 1997

        I am working on the 17th and the 20th Kandas of the Shaunakiiya
Atharvaveda and badly need to consult the edition of Shankar Pandurang
Pandit (4th volume which should contain these Kandas).  If anyone knows of
an American university library which has this volume, I may be able to
order it on inter-library loan through the library of the University of
Michigan.  Pandit marks the Galita (repeated and hence omitted passages)
in his Padapatha (while the VVRI edition does not do that).  This
information is relevant to my current work on the recitational variations
of the AV like Jatapatha and Kramapatha.  Thanks for any information.
                Madhav Deshpande

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