Howard Resnick Hrid at AOL.COM
Fri Sep 19 18:02:16 UTC 1997

Hindus commonly believe that the Sanskrit language is sacred, eternal, and
even the "mother" or origin of other languages. Even the script, deva-nagari,
is taken to be a product or instruct of divine communication. My question:
        Can we trace anything like a history of this view of Sanskrit? We know that
the RV, and so many other texts, attribute divine powers, multi-dimensions
etc. to VAc, and that Arya-s are distinguished by their proper speech. But
what about early references specifically to the Sanskrit language? For that
matter how old is the name "sanskrit"? Do any early texts, teachers etc talk
specifically about the Sanskrit language as somehow ontologically or
culturally privileged above other languages?
        Many thanks for your help in this regard.
Howard Resnick

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