Popular Indian Religious Art

Horst Lasic lasic at OEAW.AC.AT
Thu Sep 18 08:41:35 UTC 1997

Kristen Anne Hardy wrote:

>         I am trying to locate (thus far with little success) scholarly
> materials on the topic of contemporary popular Indian religious art (e.g.,
> books/articles dealing with calender art, 'God posters', etc.). I am interested
> not only in this form of art as used in strictly religious/devotional contexts,
> but also its use in Indian commercial/graphic art (e.g., advertisments, product
> packaging, etc.). Can anyone out there alert me to some relevent materials?
>         Thanks,
>         Kristen Hardy,
>         student of Religious Studies and Sanskrit
>         (University of Manitoba)
>         e-mail: umhardy at cc.umanitoba.ca

Dear Kristen,

At the "Museum für Völkerkunde",Vienna (Austria), there is an exhibition with
the title "DIE OLEOGRAPHIERTEN GÖTTER, Moderne Druckgraphik in Indien 1890 -
1970." This exhibition demonstrates the influence of modern printing
techniques on the production of devotional pictures in India and also their
close connection with commercial advertisements and political propaganda.
Unfortunately, no catalogue is available (only a very small folder).
You can find some information on


Maybe you should try and contact (with the help of the museum?) Erwin
Neumayer and/or Christine Schelberger, who prepared the exhibition.

Good luck!
Horst Lasic

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