Qe: gandhavattvavat

Mariana Caixeiro naniji at MAIL.TELEPAC.PT
Fri Sep 12 21:15:39 UTC 1997

Dear Members:

In order to explicate that existence (sattva) is asAdhAraNAnaikAntika
hetu, VAcaspatimizra gives 'gandhavattva' as an example in his
TAtparyaTIkA (NyAyadarzanam, ed. T. Nyaya-Tarkatirtha,1985: 841.9). In
their refutations of this view of VAcaspatimizra, both JjAnasrImitra and
RatnakIrti quote this example (JN 2ed. A. Thakur, 1987: 50.13 and RN 2ed.
A. Thakur, 1975: 80.8).

It seems that the 'gandhavattva' is well-known example to both sides of
debaters. So far, however, I have not succeeded in identifying the source
of the example.

I would appreciate it in advance if somebody helps me with this.

Jeson Woo
A Visiting Scholar
Dept. of Indian Philosophy
Hiroshima University

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