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Luis Gonzalez Reimann writes:
>You are probably referring to the legend of Quetzalcoatl, a very

Aha! You didn't know that Queztalcoatl was derived from Skt + Hindi
"Shvetaachala Kotwal" did you? i.e. he was a Kotwal in India and came
from some place called Shvetaachalam....

>important Middle American god.  He is described as a bearded person
>who arrived from the East, and also left in that direction.

America is derived  from "Amiron kaa desh"( country of rich people!)
i.e. "amironkaa" became America:-)

>Catholic scholars
Isn't Catholic the european mispronounciation of Kathakali?( they
dropped a "k" inbetween)....

>this was a sure reference to Saint Thomas, who, they believed, had

Thomas is derived from Dharma i.e. Skt Dharma- Dhamma- Thaama- Thoma
( The "s" at the end of Thomas stands for Sanskrit, it is a secret
shorthand for keeping track of where they copied the word from)...

> In the 19th century, a well-known Mexican Dominican friar and

"Mexica" is derived from Sanskrit "Makshika"( mosquito) when the
Indians( the true blueblooded variety,, not the false variety:-) found
in this country, came from Bharat to this country and were so shocked to
see the huge mosquitoes in Mexico that they named it "Makshikadesha"
which got shortened to "Mexico")
The word "dominican" being used here is further proof of the fact stated
above, becauuse "dOma"( as in dominican) is "mosquito" in Telugu....

>political thinker, Servando Teresa de Mier, not only believed this,

Servando is a vikrti of sarvAnanda, Teresa is a corruption of
"patresha"( Patresh is a name in Bengal), de Mier is from "Dheemar"
( a village in the Konkan) people from this village took on the name
Dheemarkar i.e. Sarvaananda Patresha Dheemarkar was a converted Goan

> Hebrew Mashiah (Messiah), 'the annointed one.'

Messiah is derived from Sanskrit "Moksha" i.e. Moksha became Mosha which
became Messiah, also Moses is derived from "Moksha"...therefore
"Mokshadaayaka" became Hebrew Messiah....if you wondering where the
"iah" ending in "Messiah" came from, may I point out it also appears in
names like Ramiah, Krishniah etc....

>And don't forget that, according to the Book of Mormon, all Native
>Americans are descendants of the 'lost tribes of Israel.'

"Mormon" is derived from "Koorman" i.e. the "koormAvatara..."
"Israel" is from "Ishvara"( The "v" became a "l" and got misplaced), the
"Sh'ma Israel" i.e. the prayer that is formally recited at the begining
of any Jewish ritual is actually from "Kshama Ishvara") for all the
Mormons settling in Salt Lake City and Utah and their derivations ,
please refer to my earlier *research paper* *published* yesterday in
"Daily Journal of Indology":-).....

>Discoveries of this kind are, too often, in the eye of the discoverer.

The above *research paper*, researched and written by me over a period
of FIFTEEN MINUTES( yes fifteen loooooooong minutes) proves the above
statement beyond all doubt.Please also note that fiction, sometimes
passes for fact....

>Luis Gonzalez Reimann

P.S: Dunno about Luis, but Gonzalez is a corruption of "gangAjalesh" ( I
know that in Tamil Nadu, there are temples like gangAdheeShvarar and
jalangAdheeshvarar, gangajalesh is a very clever way of combining the
names of these two dieties) Reimann is obviously from Skt"ShreemAn":-)


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