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At 05:33 PM 9/9/97 BST, Jay Thakar wrote:

>In the history of Mexico, it is mentioned that Mexico was
>established by people who came from east.

You are probably referring to the legend of Quetzalcoatl, a very important
Middle American god.  He is described as a bearded person who arrived from
the East, and also left in that direction.
Actually, to early Spanish conquerors and Catholic scholars this was a sure
reference to Saint Thomas, who, they believed, had landed on American shores
and preached Christianity.  This belief was common for a long time.  In the
19th century, a well-known Mexican Dominican friar and political thinker,
Servando Teresa de Mier, not only believed this, but was sure that the
religion of the Mexicans was a corruption of Christianity, and that the name
of Mexico (originally pronounced Meshico) came from the Hebrew Mashiah
(Messiah), 'the annointed one.'

And don't forget that, according to the Book of Mormon, all Native Americans
are descendants of the 'lost tribes of Israel.'

> May be there is more to the
>stories of Pandavas going to PATAL and getting married to local girls, and
>having kids, e.g.,. GHATOTKUCH, the son of BHIMA.It is said that Hastinapur
>was built by PATAL people.Keep looking, probably ther is more to discover.

Discoveries of this kind are, too often, in the eye of the discoverer.


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